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VersaClimber VersaPulley

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Shipping & Delivery

H and HP Home models (ships via UPS ground). Unit is securely packaged in 2 card board boxes.

LX Series VersaClimbers, CM &  SM VersaClimbers, and Big VersaPulley ships in wood crate via freight company

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CONE AND FLYWHEEL.......................... 3 Years
BEARINGS.................................................. 3 Years
PULLEYS...................................................... 2 Years
ROPE............................................................ 1 Year
IPU DISPLAY [upgrade option].......... 1 Year

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VersaClimber Customer Review

Great Machine and Service

I found the VersaClimber on Ideal Home Gym's site, and after some research and some conversations with Tommy (the owner), I took the plunge. It's a significant investment for me, and I didn't jump in lightly.

Before and right after purchasing, Ideal Home Gym communicated the projected timeline of 4-6 weeks for the buildout. A couple of weeks in, I was contacted and told things were on track and to expect another communication when the machine was complete. I got that next email four weeks almost to the day of my order.

It came in perfect condition in a long, sturdy, wooden crate. If you want a machine that'll challenge but won't hurt you, then this is a great choice. And Ideal Home Gym is a fantastic partner to work with in getting your machine too. I've no complaints, and I look forward to my next workout.

Donald Gollihue, CA
Verified Customer

VersaClimber VersaPulley

VersaPulley is an advanced exercise pulley machine that integrates speed, power, and functional mobility into a comprehensive workout experience, similar to what athletes experience during sports activities. It incorporates a unique form of resistance known as MV² technology, which is protected by a patent. This innovative technology offers dynamic resistance and enables a genuine stretch-shortening cycle for a wide range of exercises involving multiple joints and planes of movement, whether in closed-chain or open-chain routines. By harnessing rotational inertia and an infinitely variable cam, the VersaPulley allows for a diverse array of exercises across the force-velocity spectrum, catering to different needs and goals, ranging from high force and low velocity to high velocity and low force. Its primary objective is to optimize sport movement and enhance athletic performance.

What Is VersaPulley?
The VP 102 VersaPulley is an inertial flywheel-training device relied upon by many of the world’s top teams, universities, therapists, and trainers to prepare their athletes for the highest levels of competition.  What differentiates VersaPulley from its competitors is the ability to perform exercises in both a horizontal and vertical application.  This allows its users to train at any load, at any speed, and in any plane within an infinite amount of exercise variation.

In most team sports, players are required to repeatedly perform short, explosive, efforts such as accelerations and decelerations during changes of direction.  The capacity to dissipate the forces during abrupt deceleration (breaking ability) is critical to injury prevention, while the ability to decelerate and reaccelerate in a short period of time (reactive strength) is paramount to enhanced performance.

The VersaPulley is designed to create those moments of eccentric overload, allowing the athlete to be exposed to these stresses in a non-impact, concentrically driven and eccentrically overloaded environment.   VersaPulley accomplishes this using our patented MV2 technology – resistance-generating rotating inertial flywheel.

Our device picks up where traditional gravity-based weights, chains, bands, air-powered machines stop.  While all of these methods are important to the training, rehabilitation, and reconditioning of athletes, these methods offer mostly constant concentric and eccentric load in exercises emphasizing vertical actions. They rarely encompass horizontal/lateral actions offering eccentric overload 1 – which is exactly why the VersaPulley was developed.

Studies show VersaPulley’s rotational inertial resistance, with concentric and eccentric inertial loading, compares to free weights at 45% and 65% of 1 Rep Max in the Front Squat, therefore should be considered a high power training device when used for rotational training in the horizontal plane.

Who is using VersaPulley?

World-class athletes at Mark Verstegen’s Athletes’ Performance Training Centers in Tempe, AZ and Carson, CA. Verstegen is Director of Performance for the NFL Players’ Association. He and his staff work with top athletes competing at the highest levels in football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, and many other sports. Noted speaker and regular NSCA columnist Juan Carlos Santana uses the VersaPulley with his athletes and clients at the Institute of Human Performance in Boca Raton, FL. Additionally, other top professionals such as Mark Roozen in Fort Worth, TX are using the VersaPulley.

Who is studying VersaPulley?

Dr. Mathew Rhea and colleagues at the Firefighter Research Organization based out of Phoenix, AZ which collaborates with top scientists at several universities will be examining the VersaPulley as an occupational modality for firefighters. This research is being done to help the International Fire Chief’s and International Firefighters’ Association determine which equipment companies make the most effective and economical modalities to aid the lifesaving occupational tasks performed by firefighters. Dr. Julio Tous, a sport/exercise physiologist in Barcelona Spain, recently received two mini Versa Pulleys. Tous teaches at Ramon Llull University and is a performance specialist with the FC Barcelona soccer team. Soccer is the world’s most popular sport. The FC Barcelona team competes in a stadium that seats 100,000 spectators and is equivalent to major professional sports franchises in the U.S. Dr. Tous will provide feedback on the Portable-VersaPulley.

What is Smart Coach?
SmartCoach™ systems are composed of: a power meter, a data acquisition and analysis software and, for flywheel and VersaPulley™ devices only.
During exercise, the power meter acquires data from the training device and feeds it into the software. The analysis software is the same for the entire range of products.


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