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Total Gym ELEVATE Encompass Pilates Package

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Total Gym ELEVATE Encompass Pilates Package

Enhance the functionality of your Encompass with the all-inclusive ELEVATE Encompass Pilates Package, offering the complete Pilates experience. By incorporating Pilates movements, you can improve reach, flexibility, and core control while minimizing joint compression. The physical and mental advantages of both traditional and evolved Pilates exercises bring a sense of balance to any fitness regimen.

The ELEVATE Encompass Pilates Package includes the following components: the ELEVATE Encompass machine itself, the Telescoping Toe Bar, the Standing Platform, the Slide Distance Regulator, and the Leg Pulley System. With this comprehensive package, you can fully explore the benefits of Pilates and add a new dimension to your workout routine.

The ELEVATE Encompass Pilates Package includes all the necessary accessories to add Pilates training to your fitness program.

Benefits for the individual exerciser:

  • Enhance core strength, flexibility, fluid movements, and breath.
  • Engage the mind-body connection.
  • Increase overall tone and definition



In addition to the Encompass, the ELEVATE Encompass Pilates Package includes the following accessories:

Telescoping Toe Bar
Facilitates upper body, lower body and torso stretching and strengthening Pilates exercises. 

Standing Platform
Lets you perform Pilates leg, trunk conditioning and other exercises that challenge balance and stability.

Slide Distance Regulator
Lets you limit the travel distance of the glideboard on either the incline or decline. You can also lock the glideboard in place.

Leg Pulley System
Engage a full complement of leg exercises covering the entire spectrum of resistance training and Pilates. Exercise with a single leg or both legs simultaneously.



ELEVATE Encompass along with 4 accessories: Telescoping Toe Bar, Standing Platform, Slide Distance Regulator and Leg Pulley System
    • Unfolded: 106” x 38” x 57” [L/W/H] (2.69 m x 0.96 m x 1.45 m)
    • Folded: 20” x 38” x 57” [L/W/H] (0.51 m 0.96 m x 1.45 m)
    • Tubing: 1.7" x 3.2" Aluminum Extrusion (4.4cm x 8.1cm)
    • Tower: reinforced steel, silver powder coating with internal level locking mechanism
    • User Weight: Rated to 350 lbs. body weight. (159 kg)
    • Maximum Load Capacity: 500 lbs. (295 kg) Inclusive of glideboard
    • User Height Limit: 6' 5" (2.0 meters)
    • Glideboard: 16" x 48" (41 cm x 122 cm). 7 position adjustable angles. Heavy duty, two-tone design, box stitched, tear resistant vinyl
    • Foam Padding: 1 1/2" (4 cm) high rebound, high density foam.
    • Rollers: Better Sealed precision ball bearings
    • Pulleys: ABS plastic protective shield over a steel frame, Nylon roller with precision ball bearings
    • Cables: 2000 lb. test (907.2 kg) nylon 12 coated steel aircraft cable
    • Handles: Soft synthetic rubber Padded Handles with ABS swivel handle and nylon webbing for hammer grip action
    • Frame & Rail Construction: Anodized Aluminum Rails with all connections reinforce by steel or forged aluminum
    • Unit Weight: 180 lbs (82 Kg)
    • Electrical: N/A
    • Resistance Levels: 22 calibrated incline levels, with release lever to lock rails into place. 1% - 62% bodyweight
    • Storage Capabilities: Hydraulic lift assists folding. Folds and stores upright. Rolls in hand-truck fashion.
    • Included Equipment: 7 position Adjustable Glideboard; Dynamic [unilateral/bilateral] Pulley System; Multi-point pulley attachment to tower; soft grip LAT Bars with 7 pulley positions; Folding Foot Holder; Telescoping Squat Stand with 3 height positions and folding platform
    • Rolling Range: 40" (1.0 meters) 




    Hug a Tree

    Scissors with Leg Pulley

    Hundred with Handles

    Swan Dive with Press Bar

    Leg Circles with Leg Pulley


    About Total Gym

    In 1974, Total Gym began the pursuit of creating the best work out experience, and since then has been redefining the way people around the world get fit and healthy. Through the creation of a piece of equipment so versatile it could be used for muscle building or rehabilitation, Total Gym’s revolutionary bodyweight training system set the stage for the fitness revolution that took place in the 80’s and 90’s.

    In the decades since its inception, over 5 million pieces of Total Gym equipment have changed lives around the world. From elite fitness studios and collegiate training centers, to physical therapy practices and consumer’s homes, Total Gym facilitates well over 24 million workouts a year!

    With dedicated lines for home, commercial, and physical therapy use, each piece of equipment has been painstakingly crafted to maximize space, efficiency, and most importantly, results.

    The relentless pursuit of providing the best workout experience continues to drive everything Total Gym does.

    Feel the difference with Total Gym.


    Since the mid-1980's, Total Gym has designed and developed functional products that complement and enhance bodyweight training for all populations. With the addition of the ELEVATE line for commercial use, Total Gym is bridging the gap between selectorized equipment and functional cages on the gym floor. 

    The single station units in the ELEVATE line, are a testament to Total Gym's philosophy of functional training using dynamic natural movement. This philosophy ensures that Total Gym products will always be effective for users of all shapes, sizes, ages, and fitness levels. 

    As innovators in fitness, Total Gym is always on the cutting edge, bringing quality and excellence to its products and service.



    How many pieces of equipment is included in the circuit? 
    The circuit comprises of 5 units in total.

    Where is the best place in my club for the ELEVATE Circuit® to be installed
    The Circuit can be installed on the weight training floor or in the functional training area of any facility for members to use on their own.

    Can my members use the ELEVATE Circuit® on their own?
    Yes. Each piece of equipment features a detailed placard explaining the exercises and how to use the equipment as a circuit, making the units extremely approachable.

    Can all my members use the ELEVATE Circuit®?
    Yes, exercises can be progressed or regressed to accommodate all fitness levels and the safe and intuitive ease of the equipment allows for over 80 exercises. The Circuit is also joint friendly and non-compressive.

    What makes the ELEVATE Circuit® simple and intuitive to use?
    The ELEVATE Circuit® has been designed especially for intuitive use using only one’s bodyweight. Each unit displays its own placard detailing the exercises that can be performed. Exercises can be progressed or regressed to accommodate all fitness levels.

    Can the ELEVATE Circuit® be used as a small group training profit center?
    Yes. The Circuit also provides an exciting solution for team training. Each unit can individually be incorporated into a circuit style workout with other exercise equipment or used as a bootcamp station. The minimal adjustments and simple exercises make it easy for trainers to manage groups of any size.

    Why would my members use the ELEVATE Circuit® over other equipment in my facility?
    The ELEVATE Circuit® bridges the gap between traditional selectorized equipment and hyper functional cages because members of any fitness level can be successful with bodyweight training. Unlike any other equipment the ELEVATE Circuit unloads to a percentage of bodyweight, not 100% of bodyweight so someone who cannot normally do a regular pull-up for example, can perform one using this equipment.

    How will bodyweight training benefit my members?
    Bodyweight training is an extremely effective for building muscle while adopting a more natural range of motion that improves athleticism quickly and effectively. This type of functional training benefits every body as it is designed to mirror the way a body actually moves. The Circuit applies the unique concept of incline bodyweight training as the method of resistance, rather than the traditional weighted resistance most fitness equipment is built upon.

    How can my members get a full body workout in 30 minutes?
    Each machine in the Circuit targets certain muscles and muscle groups. By performing the exercises shown on the unit placard on each unit, your members will work their entire body in about 30-minutes.

    How can my trainers and members learn more about additional exercise options?
    Additional exercise options can be found here.


    Manufacturer Warranty


    • Commercial Warranty
      • Frame - 5 years
      • Parts & Upholstery - 1 year
      • Foam & Rubber - 90 days
    • Warranties outside the US may vary.
    • Shipping: Weight: 265 lbs (including pallet)
    • Shipping Size: 60" x 30" x 25" (including pallet)


    • Commercial Warranty: 1 year for all parts
    • Warranties outside the US may vary. 

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