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Torque TANK M4

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Torque TANK M4

The TANK™ M4 represents the ongoing evolution of this exceptional wheeled push sled. What sets all TANK™ models apart is their core technology, which allows them to be used both indoors and outdoors on any type of surface without causing damage. Additionally, all TANK™ models feature a resistance mechanism that automatically increases as you push the sled faster. This unique feature enables users to adjust their desired resistance on the go, without the need to pause and load or unload weight plates.

FOOTPRINT (L X W X H): 52.4” x 31.9” x 37.1” (133 cm x 81 cm x 94 cm)
WEIGHT: 198 lbs (89.8 kg)
WARRANTY: 10-year frame and welds. 1-year parts and finish on workmanship and materials.




The TANK has three training levels: 1: Speed Power 2: Acceleration Power and 3: Explosive Power. With internal resistance sleds, It’s not the number of resistance levels, it’s the level of resistance. The faster you push the harder it gets.




The TANK is coated with electrostatic paint so you can use it outdoors, under all weather conditions, without fear of damaging the equipment. Our high-impact plastic housing provides protection for the TANK's mechanics while maintaining the lowest weight in the internal resistance sled category (67 pounds).




We know you're going to love the M4, but if TANK training isn't right for you, you can return it up to 30 days after the date of your purchase.




Thanks to TANK's magnetic braking system, added weight is not needed to increase your workout's difficulty. Rather, adding a plate or two on the included weight horn may be useful for traction and keeping wheels down for some movements.




The TANK was built to be used on a range of indoor and outdoor surfaces – from grass fields to turf tracks. Best of all, the rubber-treaded tires are non-marking and will provide traction on a variety of surfaces.




The TANK ships free in 24 business hours from our Torque warehouse.


From V-Straps and Tow Ropes to Harnesses we've covered all movement bases. Training possibilities are endless!


Tank Training


Incorporating the TANK into your workout program offers limitless versatility. More
than just a traditional resistance sled, the TANK can be pushed, pulled, towed or
used as a stationary implement. With many different attachments and accessories,
dull, boring workouts are a thing of the past.


Whether you’re new to fitness or a seasoned pro, the TANK is for everybody. With
variable resistance levels, you can tailor the TANK to fit your workout needs from
warmup to cooldown and anything in between.



When you walk backwards, you reach back with your toe and roll through your foot
to your heel. This works the anterior tibialis (shin) muscle, as opposed to the
gastrocnemius (calf) muscle, which tends to do all the work when you walk forward.
Strengthening the shin muscles provides better balance which is more important as
you age.


TANK training reverses the effects that time and traditional exercise methods place
on your body. You are in effect, rebuilding your body from your feet up. By loading
your toes (with weight) whether you’re pushing the TANK or pulling the TANK,
you’re working the toes, feet, ankles, shins and calves. This is the new research that
totally turns traditional learning upside down. The lower part of your body is needed
more as you age and balance becomes a greater concern.



Whether you are young or old, an athlete or rehabbing an injury, TANK training will
benefit you in a number of ways. 

TANK training protects against:

  • Turf Toe
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Heel Pain
  • Achilles Tears
  • Shin Splints
  • Knee Ligament Tears
  • Jumpers Knee




  • What is different with the All-New TANK M1 push sled compared to the original?
      • The All-New TANK M1 has both a console option as well as a dumbbell cradle option in addition to an improved 3-position tow loop bar.
  • Do the TANK M1 console and dumbbell cradles come with the All-New TANK M1?
      • No, the TANK M1 console and dumbbell cradles are optional attachments.
  • What data does the TANK M1 console provide?
      • The TANK M1 console option offers data for up to 4 different users at a time, taking group workouts to a whole new level. It delivers data on calories, watts, time, distance and Push Force Energy™.
  • Are the TANK M1 console and dumbbell cradles compatible with the previous TANK M1-101 model?
      • Console and Elevated Tow Bar Retro Kits are available for those that have the previous TANK M1-101 model. Make your 1st generation TANK M1 compatible with the optional Console and Dumbbell Cradles attachments!
  • What are the dumbbell cradles designed for?
      • The dumbbell cradles option adds extra traction for towing movements and allows you to take your dumbbell workouts on the go. This attachment holds one pair of dumbbells to 20 lbs.
  • How is the tow loop bar improved?
      • The improved 3-position tow loop bar allows for more traction which eases pressure on the front wheel and creates more training possibilities! Use the loop to attach V-Straps, battle and tow ropes, and more.
  • How is TANK different from a standard friction sled or ‘prowler’?
      • Unlike friction sleds or ‘prowlers,’ TANK is controlled by magnetic resistance — meaning athletes don’t need to change out the weight for each user. By flipping the resistance lever, you can change the intensity of your workout without adding or removing heavy weight plates. Additionally, TANK is an all-surface weight sled with wheels, meaning it will not tear up your carpet or flooring.
  • Do I need to change the weight on TANK for each person, depending on their ability?
      • No, you do not. Unlike traditional sleds, all of the resistance comes with the simple flip of the lever, thanks to TANK’s innovative braking system. Weight is only added to help with traction while pushing or pulling the sled if you are on a 'looser' surface.
  • Can TANK be used as an outdoor weight sled?
      • Yes. TANK is coated with electrostatic paint, so you can use it outdoors, under all weather conditions, without fear of damaging the equipment. In addition, this is an all-surface fitness sled, meaning it was built to be used on a range of outdoor surfaces — from grass fields to turf tracks.
  • Who uses the TANK?
      • TANK users include everyone from NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB teams to assisted living communities and everything in between. Because TANK trains for deceleration, HIIT, and overall conditioning while still being gentle on joints, nearly every person can benefit from training on Torque’s premier workout sled.
  • Can the TANK be pushed or pulled in both directions?
      • Yes. Our bi-directional movement and adjustable toe-bar lets you push or pull the TANK in either direction.
  • How do you turn the TANK around?
      • The TANK M1’s lightweight, three-wheel design makes turning simple. Center your foot on the back axle, lift back and swivel to change directions.
  • I am purchasing for a tax-exempt organization, how do I purchase tax free?
      • Provide us with your tax exempt certificate and we will set up your account so you may purchase on our website tax free. You can email us at



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    About Torque

    Torque Fitness, founded in 2005, is comprised of a highly skilled team of strength and conditioning equipment specialists. With decades of experience in the industry, they have gained a reputation for constructing innovative and long-lasting fitness equipment.

    The founders of Torque Fitness bring an impressive background in designing and manufacturing award-winning strength training systems. Their expertise can be traced back to 1979 when they worked on projects for esteemed brands like Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, and Parabody.

    Recognizing the need for strength training products that offer unique attributes to cater to customer preferences, Torque Fitness embarked on a mission to create equipment that stands out from generic options in the market. By maintaining an efficient and agile business structure, the team remains dedicated to listening to customer feedback and swiftly responding with creative ideas. This commitment allows them to differentiate their products by incorporating meaningful functions and features.

    With over 1,000 products available and a focus on customer satisfaction, Torque Fitness continues to design top-quality fitness equipment. Their dedication to innovation and customer-oriented solutions sets them apart in the industry.

    They focus on what's important, always pursing the highest standards in fitness and in life. These three particular values are at the forefront of Torque.


    Extraordinary people drive our innovation. Torque prioritizes growing our team with people who have talent, dedication, a team mentality and a Don't Quit. Ever. attitude.


    Whether it is a product, service or support, Torque don't quit improving and innovating. They are defined by our persistence despite any setback to bring athleticism to a new level.


    Seeking to supply strength and agility through quality equipment is no easy task, but Torque never cut corners. They continue to do the right thing.

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