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Torque High Squat Rack - Ultimate Freeweight Package

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Torque High Squat Rack - Ultimate Freeweight Package

Experience the ultimate in freeweight training with the High Squat Rack - Ultimate Freeweight Package. This package is designed to give you the complete and comprehensive freeweight workout you desire, whether you're setting up a home gym or transforming your garage.

The centerpiece of this package is the heavy-duty High Squat Rack, equipped with a single cross pull-up bar and full vertical weight storage. It provides the stability and durability you need for intense training sessions. The rack is complemented by our premium Flat-Incline bench, XDSA dip attachment, GRT Landmine attachment, and safety spotter arms, all of which enhance your training experience and offer versatility.

In terms of weights, the bar/plate package includes a remarkable 265lb. of full commercial grade rubber coated grip plates. Paired with our 7' Revolution Technique Barbell, these components are trusted and utilized by health clubs and training facilities worldwide.

To help you further diversify your training routine, we've included the 6' Universal Storage Rack. This robust rack is the same one used by health clubs globally, ensuring top-notch quality. It comes fully loaded with a value-packed set of 5-50lb. dumbbells, along with 8/12/16/20 KG kettlebells and 10/20/30lb. slam balls.

With the High Squat Rack - Ultimate Freeweight Package, you'll have everything you need to achieve a comprehensive and challenging freeweight workout. It's a complete solution for anyone looking to take their training to the next level.


What's Included


Customizable High Squat Rack

Our high squat rack. Comes standard with a Single Cross Pull-up bar. Can be upgraded.

4 Ft Single Cross Pull-Up Bar
Designed for Torque High Squat Racks, the Single Cross is the preferred pull-up bar for all pull-ups and muscle-ups.
High Squat Rack - Vertical Weight Storage Pair
Weight storage uprights for our High Squat Rack system. Bolt to the rear of the base and add Olympic weight plate storage.
Horizontal Mount Landmine
A 3-dimensional range of motion Ground Rotational Trainer (landmine) that mounts horizontally on our squat stands base.
Dip Step Attachment Anchor
This 2-piece rack attachment adds rock-solid dip handles to all Torque Squat Racks and doubles as a step-up for reaching pull-up and
monkey bars.
X-GYM Flat-Incline Weight Bench
With 9 back pad and 3 seat adjustment points, find your optimal performance position and set new PRs. Includes knurled
handles and wheels for optimal maneuverability. Made from 11 gauge steel and high-density foam, this piece will be a staple in your gym for years to come.
Z4 Rubber Olympic Grip Plates
The rubber grip plates have a large grip area. The stainless steel hubs are hydraulically pressed into a permanent position to prevent surface damage to plates and bars.
Lock-Jaw PRO 2 Barbell Collars
These collars are designed with a clamping force strong enough to keep weight plates secured during the highest impact Olympic,
cross training and bumper plate workouts.
7' Revolution Technique Barbell
X-GYM 7-Foot Olympic Bar designed with home workouts in mind. This bar is perfect for performing traditional strength and
cross training movements like squat, bench press, and more.

6 Foot Universal Storage Rack (Full Commercial HD)
This 6 ft. racking system is a combination hand weight rack and a gym storage rack for accessories.
Cast Iron Kettlebells
These solid cast iron kettlebells are constructed and hard finished to take the 24/7 punishment of gym or home use. They are ideal for either class settings or individual workouts.
Slam Balls
Torque Slam Balls are built to absorb the energy of a slam with zero bounce. The sand-filled center shifts during throws which engages core and stabilizing muscles.
Schiek B5008 Dip Belt - Black
The Schiek Model B5008 Dip Belt is made from black amara synthetic leather and features a padded back, hip and rib contour
for comfort and to reduce slippage and heavy duty chain and carabiner. One size fits all.
Torque "Don't Quit. Ever." Gym Banner
Snazzy banner to keep you motivated to keep lifting!







About Torque

Torque Fitness, founded in 2005, is comprised of a highly skilled team of strength and conditioning equipment specialists. With decades of experience in the industry, they have gained a reputation for constructing innovative and long-lasting fitness equipment.

The founders of Torque Fitness bring an impressive background in designing and manufacturing award-winning strength training systems. Their expertise can be traced back to 1979 when they worked on projects for esteemed brands like Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, and Parabody.

Recognizing the need for strength training products that offer unique attributes to cater to customer preferences, Torque Fitness embarked on a mission to create equipment that stands out from generic options in the market. By maintaining an efficient and agile business structure, the team remains dedicated to listening to customer feedback and swiftly responding with creative ideas. This commitment allows them to differentiate their products by incorporating meaningful functions and features.

With over 1,000 products available and a focus on customer satisfaction, Torque Fitness continues to design top-quality fitness equipment. Their dedication to innovation and customer-oriented solutions sets them apart in the industry.

They focus on what's important, always pursing the highest standards in fitness and in life. These three particular values are at the forefront of Torque.


Extraordinary people drive our innovation. Torque prioritizes growing our team with people who have talent, dedication, a team mentality and a Don't Quit. Ever. attitude.


Whether it is a product, service or support, Torque don't quit improving and innovating. They are defined by our persistence despite any setback to bring athleticism to a new level.


Seeking to supply strength and agility through quality equipment is no easy task, but Torque never cut corners. They continue to do the right thing.

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