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NOHrD Eau-Me Board

by NOHrD
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NOHrD Eau-Me Board

Introducing the Eau-Me Board, a cutting-edge balance board that revolutionizes traditional balance training by incorporating water into its patented design. Suitable for all ages, regular use of the Eau-Me Board enhances fitness and balance while being gentle on the joints, making it a perfect addition to your home, office, or studio.

Unlike conventional balance boards, the Eau-Me Board challenges users with a constantly unsteady and shifting base, compelling the body to react to each tilt. As the user adapts and compensates, the deep muscular system gets engaged, resulting in a holistic workout experience.

The key distinction of the Eau-Me Board lies in its utilization of water. The water element follows its own will, creating resistance and unpredictability. With each movement, the water flow changes direction, preventing the practice of regular patterns or memorization. Instead, the body responds immediately to the water's seemingly arbitrary stimuli, creating a dynamic and ever-evolving training environment.

Experience the innovative NOHrD Eau-Me Board and take your balance training to a whole new level, as you embrace the challenge and responsiveness of water in your fitness journey.

  • Patented Combination: The Eau-Me Board features a patented combination of classic balance training with the element of water, providing a unique and innovative workout experience.
  • Suitable for All Ages: Balance boards are suitable for users of all ages, and regular use can enhance fitness and balance while being gentle on the joints, making it accessible for everyone.
  • Constantly Unsteady Base: The Eau-Me Board challenges users with a constantly unsteady and shifting base, forcing the body to react with each tilt, engaging the deep muscular system.
  • Variety of Footplate Options: Users can select their preferred footplate material from various options, including ash, oak, club, shadow, cherry, walnut, stainless steel, white, grey, red, blue, and yellow.
  • Unique Water Element: The board's main distinction is the use of water, which follows its own will, creating new impulses and challenges for the user.
  • Shifting Water Flow: With each move, the water flow shifts direction, preventing the practice of regular patterns and requiring the body to react immediately to the water's apparently arbitrary stimuli.
  • Dynamic Training Environment: The unpredictable water element creates a dynamic and ever-changing training environment, adding variety and excitement to workouts.
  • Patented Technology: The shifting water technology is protected by a patent, ensuring a one-of-a-kind training experience.




WaterRower Ltd. has been in Germany since 1994. In 2005, the NOHRD manufacturing facility emerged at their headquarters in Nordhorn, Lower Saxony, designing and producing high-quality fitness equipment out of wood. Alongside the well-established WaterRower machine (made in the US), they successfully introduced the new WaterWorkx to the market. Further NOHRD products soon followed: WeightWorkx, WallBars, SwingBells, and the WaterGrinder. In 2013, they presented the SlimBeam to the fitness industry, promptly receiving the German PlusX Award for High Quality and Design!

The label NOHRD perseveres in standing for high quality, design, and sustainability, with their constant focus on the selection of natural and sustainably managed materials.

Multi models - one technology

Various select woods and materials of identical, top quality.

At NOHRD, the company manufactures fitness equipment with solid wood exclusively selected from sustainably managed forests in the USA and Germany. They ensure that only guaranteed young and smooth heartwood is processed in their products. To protect against dirt and stains, the premium quality wooden elements are oiled. Since wood is a natural raw material, it may deviate in color and consistency, giving their products a unique and one-of-a-kind status. They also inform their customers that solid wood will naturally darken over time, especially when it comes to cherry wood.

The leather they use

All leather used is genuine and hand-worked, originating exclusively in Germany.

  • The tanning is "Made in Germany“.
  • Adheres to ISO 9001 (standardized quality system).
  • Exclusively vegetable tanned/authentic leather scent.
  • Extremely high skin tolerance (unlike chrome leather).

Even high-quality genuine leather may display undesired natural characteristics. There are no hides without blemishes. Often, surface treatments with polyurethane or acrylates are used, which render the leather an unnatural, synthetic look. Their vegetable tanned leather remains largely natural. It will darken slightly, over time.

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