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HUUM HIVE Series Electric Sauna Heater

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HUUM HIVE Series Electric Sauna Heater


HIVE electric sauna stove is an elegant solution for bigger saunas, for example, for spas and gyms. This floor-mounted stove holds up to 595 lb / 270 kg of stones, which ensure a long-lasting hot steam even for larger groups, without compromising on design.


Sauna Stones & Controller Information:

** Sauna Stones not included and must be purchased separately.
NOTE: All HUUM heaters require a controller and stones to be operable.  Choose your controller of choice along with your stones from the drop down menu below the Add to Cart button. 
- For details on Stones click here: Olivine Stones
- To view more information on controller options click here:  Local Sauna Controller & Wi-Fi Based Controller
- To view optional safety railing click here:  Safety Railing 


Works with UKU controls (sold separately)
- Large 552-pound stone capacity (sold separately, Requires 17 boxes)
- 463lbs with use of HIVE air tunnel (sold separately)
- Stainless steel construction
- Stainless steel, industrial quality heating elements​
- Slim floor model design with adjustable legs
Designed, engineered, and crafted in Estonia
- SGS Listed




Sauna Room Size:

12 kW: Up to 883 Cu. Ft.
15 kW: Up to 1060 Cu. Ft.
18 kW: Up to 1236 Cu. Ft.

HIVE 12 kW:

Sauna Room Size:
424 to 883 Cu. Ft.
Max Temperature Setting: 230F 
Stone Capacity: 595lb (requires 17 boxes sold separately)
Stone Size: 2-4in
Weight: 44.1lb
Dimensions: 22" D x 29.5" H 
Installation Type: Floor model with adjustable legs 
Fuse: 30+30 A
Supply Voltage 2 Phase: 240 V 2~
Cable: 10+10 AWG 
Safety Distance (see below):
A: 4.7”
B: 31.5” 

HIVE 15 kW:

Sauna Room Size: 530 to 1060 Cu. Ft.
Max Temperature Setting: 230F 
Stone Capacity: 595lb (requires 17 boxes sold separately)
Stone Size: 2-4in
Weight: 46.3lb
Dimensions: 22" D x 29.5" H 
Installation Type: Floor model with adjustable legs 
Fuse: 50+50 A 
Supply Voltage 2 Phase: 240 V 2~
Cable: 8+8 AWG 
Safety Distance (see below):
A: 5.9” 
B: 33.9” 


HIVE 18 kW:

Sauna Room Size: 636 to 1236 Cu. Ft.
Max Temperature Setting: 230F 
Stone Capacity: 595lb (requires 17 boxes sold separately)
Stone Size: 2-4in
Weight: 48.5lb
Dimensions: 22" D x 29.5" H  
Installation Type: Floor model with adjustable legs 
Fuse: 50+50 A 
Supply Voltage 2 Phase: 240 V 2~
Cable: 8+8 AWG 
Safety Distance (see below):
A: 7.1” 
B: 36.2” 




What is INCLUDED with my HIVE heater purchase?
1. Electric Heater
2. Adjustable Legs

What is REQUIRED for my HIVE heater to be operable?
1. Stones (sold separately)
2. Control Unit - Local or WiFi (sold separately)
3. Heat Resistant Power Cable 

What is OPTIONAL for my HIVE heater?
1. Safety Railing
2. Air Tunnel
3. Embedding Flange

For what size saunas are HUUM heaters best?

There are options for both small and large saunas with volumes ranging from 106 Cu. Ft. - 1236 Cu. Ft. among the different HUUM heater designs (Cliff, Drop, Hive)

How do I choose the correct heater output for my sauna?
The output of your sauna heater should be determined by the size and insulation of your sauna room.  To heat approximately 50 Cu. Ft. of your sauna room it will require 1 kW of power on average.  As an example a 6' x 7' x 7' sauna room should require a 5 Kw heater.  (252 cubic feet divide by 50 = 5.04).

If your heater is too small in proportion to the volume of your sauna room, the sauna will heat up too slowly, not enough steam will be produced and the heater will burn out more quickly.  With this in mind, if the heaters you are considering are not of the exact size required for your sauna room, err on the side of purchasing one that has a greater heating volume than what your sauna requires. If your heater has a thermostat and is used correctly, a heater that is somewhat stronger than what is required will not cause problems.  

It’s also good to note that electric sauna heaters turn off once the desired room temperature is met.  This means that a larger heater simply works less than a smaller heater so there is virtually no energy savings by purchasing an under sized sauna heater.  If in doubt always go up a size.

Your sauna rooms insulation is the second key factor to consider.  For an outdoor sauna or a sauna built on outside walls with little to no insulation (brick, tile, glass, wood etc.) you may want to purchase a larger heater than technically required.  A good rule of thumb to follow is for every square meter (10.75 square feet) of a wall that does not have insulation, increase the volume by 1.2 cubic meters, or 42 cubic feet.  If you live in an area where the weather is very cold it would also be good to consider choosing a larger heater option.  

How long will it take to heat my sauna?
If your heater is the proper size for your sauna room, it will heat up to 80 degrees fahrenheit in one hour, at a rate of roughly 10 degrees per 8 minutes.  

What kind of stones can be used with HUUM heaters?
We recommend using sauna stove stones that are rounded and natural.  We have light grey olivine diabase stones with a high heat capacity by HUUM in our inventory.  Because decorative stones are readily broken, they should not be used in your sauna heater.  

Who can install my heater?

The cabling and connection of the heater to the power source should only be done by a licensed professional.  

What kind of wiring will I need?
Installation instruction for cables can be found in the product installation manuals found under the Installation Tab on our site.  A licensed electrician is required to install the cables.  




HUUM heaters are built by using very small amounts of metal so that the heat comes mainly from the stones and only very little from the metal. This way it can maximize the good negative ions from the stones, like in traditional saunas, and keep the positive ions from the metal at a minimum. Together with a high stone capacity this is it’s secret to healthy, mild and long-lasting steam.



HUUM heaters, control units and other products are made with care entirely in Estonia. The seemingly simple design of their heaters requires a quite complex production process.  Because of this they have partnered with Estonia’s leading metal work companies to guarantee the best possible quality in each step of the production process.

Every heater is made of stainless steel that goes through shot blasting and acid treatment in order to get it’s final refined appearance.  Quality, precision and innovation are at the core of all HUUM products. 



The innovative electronic solutions of HUUM remote controls and app are smart on the inside and beautiful on the outside.  They are the creation of some of the bright minds of HUUM’s hometown Tartu. It took five years to develop and improve the technology that they currently use. Oshino Electronics Estonia takes care of the production of the remote controls, which come in wooden and different colored plastic cases. The wooden cases are handmade out of thermo-treated ash, giving each one a unique look.



HUUM uses as little packaging material as possible to reduce unnecessary waste and use recycled materials for their products where possible. For example, the case of the main module of the control unit is made of recycled plastic. In every way HUUM is driven by excellence and forward thinking.  


Good to Note:





HUUM DROP Electric Sauna Heater comes with a Limited 5-year warranty (excludes heating elements) as defined below: 


Buyer is obligated to read user manual and follow instructions and requirements presented. Damage to the product caused by not following instructions and requirements will void warranty.
If any defects are found on the product, where manufacturer can be blamed, then buyer has the right to demand fixing or replacing the product. Demands must be made not later than 5 years after buying the product. Purchase receipt needs to be presented when warranty demands are made.

Warranty Terms:
- Warranty applies only to electric heaters that have been used according to the - manual.
- Warranty does not cover heating elements. They are considered as consumable parts.
- Warranty does not cover wear that occurs from natural usage.
- Warranty does not cover defects or wear caused by planned use.

Warranty Does Not Apply When:
Damage or defects are caused by transportation or other actions not controlled by manufacturer.
Product has been damaged by carelessness or overload
Product has not been installed correctly
Product has been modified in any way
Warranty period is over
Product is not complete

For a warranty claim OR for the latest updates please email:



Download HIVE Installation & Operation Manual

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