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Haljas Houses Hele Glass Mini Outdoor Sauna

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Haljas Houses Hele Glass Mini Outdoor Sauna

Hele Glass Mini is the smallest sauna from the Hele Glass series. It is created as a compact solution for a terrace or a balcony, accommodating 2-3 people. Hele Glass Mini can only be used with an electric heater (sold separately). Designed for a 9kW wall mounted electric heater.  HUUM DROP is Haljas suggested choice for the Hele Glass Mini.  


Hele - a modern yet cozy sauna that exhales an ancient vibe. A circular seating around the heater creates an all-bare-honest atmosphere where everyone is equally included.

is an octagonal panoramic sauna that offers a social experience.


- Fully Assembled
- Fits up to 3 people
- Compact sauna solution for terrace or balconies
- Designed for use with 9kW, wall-mount, electric sauna heaters
- Crafted in Estonia


About Haljas

One of the core values at Haljas is spending quality time with our beloved ones and this social mindedness is predominantly felt within their products. They found that people get carried away in their fast-paced lifestyles and often need to be persuaded to hop off the wheel. So what is Haljas doing? They are fulfilling your living environment with physical, irresistible reminders to put everything else on pause and spend a few idle hours with the ones that matter most.  This is the heart and purpose behind Haljas Houses.  Along with Forward thinking architecture and high quality materials and aesthetic, they are offering a place for connection and beauty through their outdoor sauna offerings.  



- Fully assembled unit
- Upper bench
- Lower bench
- Mechanical ventilation
- Exterior structure made of CLT panels and glulam posts
- Surround is double glazed mirrorglass
- LED IP-65 strips for interior and exterior lighting

70.87"L x 90.55"W x 98.43"H






Bathers have enjoyed the myriad of health benefits saunas have provided for thousands of years. Create your own wellness sanctuary and experience the sauna’s ability to:

1. Alleviate stress
2. Detoxify
3. Improve circulation
4. Alleviate pain and muscle aches
5. Improve cognitive function
6. Reduce inflammation

It's a worthy investment to make sauna bathing a part of your wellness ritual!





Residential Warranty:
The warranty for Haljas Houses products material and manufacturing defects applies for 24 months.  The warranty applies on the prerequisite that the product is being used and cared for according to the manufacturer's manuals.

Commercial Warranty:
In case of a commercial use, the warranty applies for 6 months.


- The warranty does not cover naturally occurring and expected characteristics of wood materials (differences in wood grain, knots, slight variations in tone) and phenomena that occur naturally during use of the product (shrinkage and expansion due to temperature and humidity, moderate deformation).
- The warranty does not cover natural wear and tear that occurs during the intended use of the product.
- The warranty does not cover man-made injuries to the product.
- The warranty does not cover injuries or defects caused by the use of wrong cleaning compounds or methods.
- The warranty does not cover indirect costs such as a reconstruction or a re-moval of a terrace beneath the sauna.
- In case of any issues concerning the warranty please contact the manufac-turer or distributor immediately.
- The warranty will be broken in case of an independent fixing of the product.



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