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Dreampod Home Pro Float Tank

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Dreampod Home Pro Float Tank

Discover The Ultimate Relaxation.

If one has ever experienced the sensation of floating, even on a single occasion, one would inevitably imagine the extraordinary convenience of having a personal float tank in the comfort of their own home. Dreampod has now transformed this vision into a reality with the introduction of the Dreampod Home Pro. Renowned for its sleekness, beauty, and affordability, this one-of-a-kind float tank is now accessible for residential use.

Dreampod took their best-selling commercial pod, stripped it down, and streamlined it to make it affordable for the average person. The durability and beautiful design that Dreampod is known for were still retained. The exterior of the Home Pro was handcrafted using the highest quality fiberglass and plastics, polished to a high gloss finish for an aesthetically stunning appearance that is also easy to clean and maintain. Each pod had a solid foam core embedded inside, maximizing soundproofing and heat retention for a more comfortable float experience while reducing electrical costs.

The Home Pro was designed to easily fit into people's homes, and a user-friendly wired control panel was created for day-to-day operations. The filtration system was equipped with an integrated UV light, a 10-micron filter, and a single chemical injector to sanitize the float solution. These features made maintaining the Home Pro effortless and hassle-free.

  • No Plumbing required. DreamPods are self enclosed systems and do not require complicated plumbing.
  • Auto Mode. After plug & play setup, it's fire and forget. The Dreampod keeps its temperature at a predefined level and requires little to no maintenance.
  • Filtration Control. Control the Dreampod’s Filtration System, UV Light, Water Heater and chem. Drips. Choose the Device, your Duration and hit ‘Go’.
  • Automatic Dosing. Instead of manually dosing the Dreampod with Chlorine just setup predefined schedules to keep the water clean and sparkling. Works for UV-Light too.
  • Well insulated. The DreamPod Home is well insulated to retain heat and make for a lower electricity bill.





  • Length: 2200 mm (7ft)
  • Width: 1100 mm (3.5ft)


  • Handcrafted exterior made of high-quality fiberglass and plastics
  • Solid foam core embedded inside for enhanced soundproofing and heat retention

Surface Finish:

  • Polished to a high gloss finish for an aesthetically stunning appearance
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Filtration System:

  • Integrated UV light
  • 10-micron filter
  • Single chemical injector for float solution sanitization

Passive Air Circulation:

  • Carefully engineered system to maintain temperature retention and soundproofing

LED Light:

  • Soothing light inside the pod, can be turned on or off during float sessions

Safety Features:

  • Anti-slip surface on the floor for added safety

Quality and Reliability:

  • Critical components imported from the United States, Japan, and Europe
  • Certifications from respective certifying bodies ensuring high-quality standards

Control System:

  • Easy-to-use wired remote control
  • Control float duration, water temperature, and chemical injector activation


  • One solid piece with a cover for easier movement and installation
  • Cover aids in maintaining float solution temperature and creating a sensory-free environment

Condensation Management:

  • Quick and easy removal of condensation with the cover for faster preparation



Why Dreampod?

Dreampod offers a compelling choice for those seeking a high-quality and immersive floatation experience. Here are some reasons to choose Dreampod based on their website:

  1. Innovative Design: Dreampod takes pride in its innovative design, which combines cutting-edge technology with elegant aesthetics. Their floatation pods are meticulously crafted using premium materials, resulting in a sleek and visually appealing product.

  2. Enhanced Relaxation: Dreampod understands the importance of creating a tranquil environment for floatation. Their pods are designed to provide a sensory deprivation experience, allowing users to disconnect from external stimuli and achieve deep relaxation. With features like soundproofing and temperature retention, Dreampod ensures a serene and comfortable float.

  3. Advanced Filtration and Sanitation: Hygiene is a top priority for Dreampod. Their floatation pods are equipped with advanced filtration systems that maintain water cleanliness and purity. The integration of UV light, micron filters, and chemical injectors ensures a pristine float environment, offering peace of mind to users.

  4. User-Friendly Controls: Dreampod prioritizes ease of use, providing a user-friendly control system for their floatation pods. With intuitive wired remote controls, users can effortlessly customize their float experience by adjusting float duration and water temperature. This simplicity enhances the overall user experience and allows for a personalized and enjoyable float session.

Ultimately, choosing Dreampod means investing in a state-of-the-art floatation solution that prioritizes relaxation, hygiene, and user-friendliness. Their commitment to innovation, quality, and customer support sets them apart as a trusted brand in the field of floatation therapy.

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