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BodyKore MX1161EX Dynamic Functional Trainer with Squat Rack

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BodyKore MX1161EX Dynamic Functional Trainer with Squat Rack

The Dynamic Trainer, a sibling of the Universal Trainer, offers nearly all the features of the Universal Trainer except for the counterbalanced Smith machine. It's an excellent choice for individuals who favor free weights over the limitations of a Smith machine. Additionally, the removable J hooks and spotters enable this functional trainer to function as a half rack, and the array of supplementary accessories and attachments significantly enhance its versatility.

Attachment Included Accessories Included
J hooks 2x handles
Spotter arms Tricep rope
Landmine Tricep bar
Dip bar Ankle strap
Lat seat Lat pull-down bar
Band pegs


  • Precision Cut Selectorized Weight Stack: The BodyKore weight stack features rectangular plates with drilled holes for pin placement, providing users with an easy way to select their preferred resistance.

  • Industrial Galvanized Steel Cables: BodyKore utilizes industrial galvanized steel cables in their pulley systems, ensuring resistance to rust and the ability to withstand weights of up to 2000 pounds.

  • Linear Bearing Guide Rods: BodyKore's equipment, including the Smith machine, incorporates linear bearing guide rods for smooth, low-friction movements and exceptional durability.

  • Proprietary Attachment System: BodyKore's attachment system offers a range of accessories, such as a lat bar, rope, and tricep bar, to enhance workouts and improve exercise form and results.

  • Streamlined Adjustable Pulley System: BodyKore's adjustable pulley system allows users to perform various exercises, target different muscle groups, and manage up to 500 pounds of weight. It is designed with user-friendliness in mind and helps reduce the risk of injuries during workouts.




Features and Specs

Assembled Dimensions (LWH) :


Product Weight :


Weight Stack :


  • Dual Adjustable Pulley System- 2x 220LB Weight Stacks
  • Multi-Grip Pullup Bars
  • Accessory storage and bar storage
  • Weight pegs
  • Machine Accessories Included: J Hooks, Bar Spotters, Landmine, Dip Bar, Lat Pull Down Seat
  • Cable Attachments included (Handles, Rope, Lat Bar, Tricep Bar, Ankle Attachment)
  • Thermosetting Electrostatic Powder Coating insinuates a bright color and glossy metallic shine.
  • Frame made with 3.5” Oval Rolled Steel Tubing- Rated over 1000lbs
  • Solid Guide Rails for smooth consistent movement
  • Made with high-quality steel plates




BodyKore MX1161EX Dynamic Functional Trainer with Squat Rack Installation

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