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BodyKore Stacked Series GR802 Plate Loaded Row

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BodyKore Stacked Series GR802 Plate Loaded Row

The BodyKore Stacked Series Seated Row is designed to help individuals tone and strengthen their upper bodies, essential for everyday activities that involve pulling motions. Increased upper body strength promotes better posture, shoulder protection, and a reduced risk of injury.

This Plate Loaded Seated Row boasts independent movement arms, diverging pulling angles, and regressive strength curves, effectively reducing force at the bottom of the movement while allowing a full range of motion. The machine is equipped with a large footplate and chest pad, which enhances stability and concentration on specific muscle groups. Users can choose from various grip positions to customize their workout. The machine prioritizes safety and comfort with high-density cushions, and its 11-gauge steel frame ensures long-lasting durability, even during intense workouts.

  • Moisture Resistance Upholstery: BodyKore's weightlifting benches are crafted from upholstery made from durable polyurethane fabric. This fabric is lightweight, flexible, and highly cut and tear-resistant, providing a pleasant experience for users who use weightlifting benches in their everyday routines. This material also has waterproof qualities, making BodyKore's benches resistant to moisture, heat, and humidity. This gives users the option to store the benches in areas such as their garage or backyard, without worrying about damage occurring to the equipment. Finally, polyurethane material is the closest, most realistic imitation of leather, given its soft and limber features.

  • Rolled Steel Oval Tubing: BodyKore uses frames made of rolled steel oval tubing in a variety of their equipment, such as cable machines, smith machines, and benches. Rolled steel oval tubing has many advantages compared to standard circular tubing. Using both rolled steel and an ovular shape makes tubing much stronger than other alternatives. Oval tubing is also more durable and less likely to become misshapen over time, leading to a long-standing life within BodyKore's equipment.

  • Ultra-Stainless-Steel Fastener: All of BodyKore's equipment and machines are secured with stainless-steel fasteners such as screws, nuts, washers, etc. These fasteners are extremely strong and have a high resistance to corrosion, making them essential hardware for BodyKore's equipment. They are resistant to scratches and will not tarnish, allowing them to look better and last longer, no matter the temperature or environment in which they are used. They also have an incredibly high tensile strength, measuring between 100,000 and 150,000 tensile pounds per square inch (PSI), compared to galvanized steel, which only has an average of 62,000 PSI. Tensile strength is important because it determines the maximum load the material can hold before tearing. Overall, BodyKore's stainless-steel fasteners will last longer than other types of fasteners, giving them life-long value.




Features and Specs

  • Dimensions: 53"X53"X50"
  • Weight: 342lbs
  • Frame: The BodyKore machine features 11-gauge steel construction in its frame. The use of 11-gauge steel ensures maximum structural integrity. Additionally, each frame undergoes an electrostatic powder coat finish process, which enhances maximum adhesion and durability.

  • Footplate and Chest Support: The seated row is designed to facilitate proper user form and support. It features a large footplate and a padded chest support. These elements play a crucial role in stabilizing the user, thus increasing muscle recruitment throughout the entire movement.

    • The large footplate ensures a solid base for users, allowing them to maintain stability while performing the exercise.
    • The padded chest support provides comfort during the workout while encouraging proper alignment and posture.
  • Independent Movement Arms and Proper Angles: The machine incorporates independent movement arms that operate at optimal angles. This design feature serves two key purposes:

    • Independent arm movement allows for a more extensive user range of motion, promoting a full and effective workout.
    • Proper angles for arm movement not only ensure the activation of the targeted muscles but also encourage users to engage their core muscles simultaneously, enhancing overall workout effectiveness.
  • Durable Urethane Multi-Grip Handles: The machine is equipped with durable urethane multi-grip handles. These handles provide users with various grip angles, adding versatility to their workouts. Users can choose the grip angle that best suits their preferences and exercise goals.

  • Adjustable Seat: The machine's seat is adjustable to accommodate users' needs and preferences. This feature allows users to position themselves correctly based on their chosen grip and exercise form.

  • Nickel-Plated Weight Plate Storage and Loading Bars: The machine includes durable steel storage bars that are nickel-plated. This plating serves to protect the bars from corrosion, rust, and the wear and tear associated with heavy use. The nickel-plated bars contribute to the long-term durability of the equipment, ensuring it remains in optimal condition over time.


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