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BodyKore Isolation Series GR635 Selectorized Rotary Hip Machine

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BodyKore Isolation Series GR635 Selectorized Rotary Hip Machine

The Rotary Hip machine is a top-tier commercial product, boasting a user-friendly design that elevates the workout experience and guarantees a hassle-free addition to your fitness facility. Its independent converging and diverging motions offer a natural and seamless resistance movement. Furthermore, the ergo form cushions not only promote proper body alignment and support but also add a stylish flair to the equipment.

  • Precision-Cut Selectorized Weight Stack: The equipment features a precision-cut selectorized weight stack with adjustable rectangular plates for streamlined resistance selection, making workouts efficient.

  • Industrial Galvanized Steel Cables: BodyKore's machines are equipped with industrial-grade galvanized steel cables, ensuring resistance to corrosion and the ability to handle heavy loads, prioritizing both safety and durability.

  • Moisture Resistance Upholstery: The upholstery on the equipment is designed for comfort and longevity, boasting moisture resistance to protect against water damage during rigorous workouts.

  • Rolled Steel Oval Tubing: BodyKore utilizes frames constructed from rolled steel oval tubing, providing exceptional strength and resistance to deformation, contributing to the equipment's long-lasting quality.

  • Streamlined Adjustable Pulley System: The versatile system offers an array of exercises with customizable resistance, supporting user flexibility and reducing the risk of injury, even under substantial loads.




Features and Specs

  • Allows users to perform the hip exercises from the standing position, providing enhanced alignment and increasing target muscle involvement
  • Starting positions are incremental at 15-degree intervals through 270 degrees of rotation for consistency
  • Pad adjusts to four different settings for hip extension and flexion movements
  • Dual rubber grip handles for stability and proper positioning
  • Height adjustable non-skid platform
  • Cup/phone/key holder
  • Dimensions: 33" x 60" x 65"
  • Weight: 465lbs


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