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Align-Pilates M8-Pro Maple Wood Pilates Reformer with Sitting Box

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Align-Pilates M8-Pro Maple Wood Pilates Reformer with Sitting Box

The Align-Pilates M8-Pro Pilates Reformer is meticulously crafted from robust North American maple, combining classical aesthetics with contemporary functionality.

The M8-Pro exemplifies top-tier performance, offering extensive adjustability and a luxurious oversized carriage that smoothly and silently travels 104cm. With its eight-wheel carriage, the M8-Pro not only delivers exceptional performance but also adds a visually appealing touch to any home or studio thanks to its sleek design and meticulous attention to detail. Its spacious carriage comfortably accommodates a range of body sizes, making it an excellent addition to both home gyms and studio settings. The innovative design provides flexibility through various easy adjustments, including the combined T-Bar and Pro-Rope adjusters, which enable precise modifications to the rope lengths.

Introduced in 2021, the M8-Pro boasts a groundbreaking patent-pending Rapid Change (RC) spring bar, allowing one-handed spring adjustments without the need to relocate a separate carriage stopper. This significantly enhances the ease and speed of adjusting the Reformer, especially in group class settings.

Distinguished from other Reformers in the lineup, the M8-Pro includes a Pro Sitting Box and Foot Strap as standard features.

The M8-Pro's adaptability shines, offering an optional upholstered Jump Board that seamlessly swaps with the removable maple standing platform that comes with the Reformer. Additionally, it now incorporates storage hooks for a Gondola Pole (available separately) and removable off-centered shoulder rests for adjustable shoulder width positions. The M8-Pro can also accommodate a Half Cadillac, transforming it into a completely flat bed with a two-part Platform Extender/Mattress Converter. It supports a maximum user weight of 150kg.

  • Patent pending Rapid Change (RC) spring bar for the fastest spring bar changes available, using one hand and a single action
  • 104cm of smooth silent travel from 8 PU wheel system
  • 4 footbar positions including flat
  • North American Solid Maple Frame
  • Adjustable head rest:3 improved position head rest
  • Adjustable shoulder rest:removable & lockable shoulder rest with new off centred shoulder pads to give a choice of two widths
  • New & improved rope adjustment system ensures both ropes stay the same length & adjust simultaneously
  • 5 nickel plated quality music wire springs in 3 different strengths (2x Light, 2x Medium & 1x Strong)
  • Includes Align-Pilates ‘Silent’ system with metal-free double loop handles, ropes & adjustable silent foot straps with fluffy cover, plus our patented silent pulleys for a super quiet user experience
  • 8-wheel system for improved performance & reduced maintenance
  • New Gondola Pole storage hooks underneath the runner for convenient access and a tidier studio.




  • Dimensions/Weight: 254x76cm/80kg
  • Leg & Height Options: None
  • Carriage Size: 93x66cm
  • Travel Length: 104cm
  • Rope Adjustment System: T bar system, both ropes adjust together
  • Footbar: 4 lockable positions, standard size
  • Spring Bar & Spring Bar Adjustment: Rapid change spring bar
  • Springs: 5 springs (1x Strong, 2x Medium, 2x Light)
  • Off Centred Shoulder Rests: Yes
  • Adjustable Feet: No
  • Runners/Wheels: Precision aluminium/8 PU wheels
  • Maximum User Weight: 150kg
  • Rope Risers: Maple, outside frame. Fully adjustable.
  • Folding/Standing/Stacking: No/No/No


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