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Align-Pilates Half Cadillac Frame for A, M, C Series Reformers

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Align-Pilates Half Cadillac Frame for A, M, C Series Reformers

The Align-Pilates Half Cadillac tower offers the flexibility to convert your reformer into a Half Pilates Cadillac or utilize it against the wall using an additional Wall Bracket. This tower is compatible with all A, M, and C-Series Reformers, excluding the C1 model. It provides an expanded range of exercises for your Pilates routine.

Assembly is a quick and straightforward process, typically taking around ten minutes. You have the option to purchase it as a bundle with a reformer or add it separately at a later time. It's important to note that this product includes the frame only and does not come with a reformer, which must be purchased separately.

Safety Warning: The included safety strap serves the purpose of preventing the swing-through bar from swinging down dangerously under tension and potentially causing harm to the user, especially during exercises where the bar is sprung from underneath and the user is in a lying position. Please be aware that this safety strap is not designed to transform the swing-through bar into a rigid structure for sitting, kneeling, standing, hanging, swinging, or climbing with full or partial body weight. The swing-through bar is specifically intended for push and swing-through exercises, either without springs or with the provided springs. It is not engineered to withstand resistance from any source other than the supplied springs and is not suitable for isometric or bodyweight exercises from various angles. Engaging in exercises that involve sitting, kneeling, or standing on the bar or support arms, swinging from the bar or support arms, hanging on the bar or support arms, or exerting lateral pressure on the bar or side arms exceeds the equipment's design specifications and poses a risk of severe injury to the user, potentially leading to costly negligence liability claims against the instructor.

  • Aluminium push-through bar with rapid height adjustment
  • Full stainless-steel frame for durability and longevity
  • Quick-release safety strap for user protection
  • Maple roll-down bar for added versatility




  • Compatible With: A/M/C Series. Except C1.
  • Dimensions: 189cm from floor
  • Weight: 30kg
  • Material: Full stainless steel upper frame

What’s included?

  • Half Cadillac
  • 1 pair of Foot Straps
  • 1 pair of Hand Handles
  • 2 pairs of rapid adjust double eyelet, spring holders
  • 8 Aluminium Carabiner
  • 8 Double-ended dog clips

Includes 8 quality nickel-plated music wire springs:

  • 2x Standard (47cm) Very Light – Yellow
  • 2x Standard (47cm) Medium – Red
  • 2x Long (64cm) Light – Purple
  • 2x Long (64cm) Strong – Red

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