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Align-Pilates H1 Home Pilates Reformer

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Align-Pilates H1 Home Pilates Reformer

The Align-Pilates H1 Home Pilates Reformer was meticulously designed to bring the advantages of a studio Pilates workout right to the comfort of one's own home, eliminating the need for a dedicated workout space. Despite its home-focused design, the H1 Home Reformer shares several key features with our Commercial Reformers.

Equipped with the same music wire springs found in our Commercial Reformers, the H1 Home offers a seamless and progressively adjustable resistance, allowing users to tailor the machine to their specific workout preferences. The mirrored stainless-steel runners ensure a smooth and silent gliding experience.

What sets the H1 Home Pilates Reformer apart is its self-contained nature, making it effortlessly portable and storable. Users can easily wheel it around and store it in a standing position, maximizing space efficiency when not in use.

The H1 Home also accommodates jumping exercises, with the option of adding a Jump Board. Additionally, it offers Optional Leg Extensions, elevating the carriage bed's height from 23cm to the more popular 40cm.

Please note: Not warranted for commercial use. 2-year frame warranty.

Warning: When standing your reformer, your reformer should only be stood up in places where there is no risk of it being knocked over by other activities in the same room. Never stand a reformer in a room that can be accessed by children. The reformer must only be stood up indoors on firm, flat surfaces.

  • 95cm of smooth travel using our 8 PU wheel system.
  • Wide & long carriage bed: 89cm (L) x 58cm (W) for greater comfort.
  • Freestanding ability with fold-out & lockable standing legs that can be wheeled around.
  • 4 footbar positions, including flat.
  • Adjustable headrest: 3-position headrest, with locking string for storage.
  • Adjustable shoulder rest: Removable & lockable shoulder rests, with a choice of two widths.
  • Quick & easy rope adjustment system: 4 easy rope length adjustments.
  • Removable rope risers with 3 height options.
  • 4 classical-style nickel-plated music wire springs set up (1x Light, 2x Medium & 1x Strong).
  • Adjustable feet to ensure your reformer sits flat and can run smoothly.
  • Choice of interchangeable leg heights, with the ability to raise your carriage bed height from 23cm to 40cm with leg extensions.
  • Includes Align-Pilates Double Loop Handles with "silent" metal-free connectors for a quieter workout.




  • Dimensions/Weight: 242x66cm/50kg
  • Leg & Height Options: 2 leg options (23, 40cm high)
  • Carriage Size: 89x58cm
  • Travel Length: 95cm
  • Rope Adjustment System: Threaded rope
  • Footbar: 4 positions, standard size
  • Spring Bar & Spring Bar Adjustment: Fixed
  • Springs: 4 springs (1x Strong, 2x Medium, 1x Light)
  • Off Centred Shoulder Rests: Yes
  • Adjustable Feet: Yes
  • Runners/Wheels: Stainless steel/8 PU wheels
  • Maximum User Weight: 120kg
  • Rope Risers:  Painted, outside frame. 3 heights.
  • Folding/Standing/Stacking: No/Yes/No


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