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Align-Pilates C8-Pro Pilates Reformer

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Align-Pilates C8-Pro Pilates Reformer

The C8-Pro stands as the pinnacle of the C-Series Reformers, showcasing an oversized aluminum frame and foot bar, alongside an 8 PU wheel carriage system, offering the most tranquil and low-maintenance ride imaginable.

In line with Align-Pilates' array of commercial Reformers, the C8-Pro introduces our groundbreaking Rapid Change (RC) spring bar, setting a new standard for effortless and swift adjustments.

For many Pilates professionals, the choice of a Reformer hinges on the ride's characteristics, with the paramount factor being the number and type of wheels. The quantity and composition of these wheels determine various aspects, including carriage resistance, machine noise, cross-loading handling, and maintenance demands for peak performance. The C8-Pro employs 8 'roller blade style' wheels, meticulously engineered to provide a serene and gentle ride, albeit with slightly greater rolling resistance compared to the smoother gliding experience offered by the firmer nylon wheels found in a 4-wheel system like that of the C2-Pro RC, where the wheels move within a matched aluminum frame. The choice between these options comes down to user preference, often influenced by familiarity or training.

The C8-Pro's Rapid Change spring bar revolutionizes the ease and speed of Reformer adjustments, especially beneficial for group class settings where the C8-Pro truly shines. This spring bar can be effortlessly adjusted with one hand, even while the springs remain attached, reducing the process to a single action. This innovation saves users up to 12 additional steps compared to most standard spring bars.

  • Best-seller for studios
  • 8 wheels for a quiet and smooth ride
  • Quick-adjust: easy-access individual rope adjust system
  • Compact and lightweight; can free stand/stack with optional Leg Extensions
  • Adaptability: can adapt with a half or full Cadillac
  • Suitable for both home and studio use




  • Dimensions/Weight: 244x66cm / 66kg
  • Leg & Height Options: 2 leg options (26, 42cm high)
  • Carriage Size: 58x91.5cm
  • Travel Length: 106.5cm
  • Rope Adjustment System: Pro Rope Adjusters for precise adjustments
  • Footbar: 4 lockable positions, oversize
  • Spring Bar & Spring Bar Adjustment: Rapid change spring bar
  • Springs: 5 springs (1x Strong, 2x Medium, 2x Light)
  • Off-Centered Shoulder Rests: Yes
  • Adjustable Feet: Yes
  • Runners/Wheels: Precision aluminum/8 PU wheels
  • Maximum User Weight: 150kg
  • Rope Risers: Painted, outside frame. 7 heights (with Legs)
  • Folding/Standing/Stacking: No/Yes/Yes



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Transform Your Body And Mind With Reformer Pilates

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