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Align-Pilates C2-Pro RC Pilates Reformer

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Align-Pilates C2-Pro RC Pilates Reformer

The C2-Pro RC represents an immensely popular model within the C-Series range, finding favor in both home and studio settings. Now in its 5th generation, this updated iteration incorporates several customer-driven refinements, with the most recent addition being the patent-pending Rapid Change (RC) spring bar.

The introduction of the Rapid Change spring bar significantly enhances the ease and speed of Reformer adjustments, particularly advantageous in group class environments where the C2-Pro RC excels. This spring bar can be conveniently adjusted with attached springs using just one hand and a single action, streamlining the process by saving up to 12 additional actions compared to most standard Reformers.

Distinguishing itself from other commercial Reformers, the C2-Pro RC features a rapid rope adjustment system that simultaneously alters both ropes across 7 rope length variations. For individualized changes, optional Pro Rope Adjusters can be added.

The C2-Pro RC incorporates a 4-nylon wheel system with anodized aluminum runners. The carriage bed on the C2-Pro RC, known for its width and comfort, self-centers within the carriage runners, ensuring a smooth and low-resistance ride.

Designed with portability in mind, the C2-Pro RC's compact size allows for easy stacking or freestanding use, achievable either with optional Freestanding Legs or Leg Extensions that raise the bed height to 42cm, as opposed to the standard machine's 24cm bed height. This versatility positions it as an excellent choice for multi-functional spaces that can adapt to evolving needs. The C2-Pro RC can accommodate both Full and Half Cadillac frames, along with a wide array of accessories that further enhance workout options.

A defining characteristic of the C2-Pro RC is its remarkable ability to combine functionality and affordability, delivering exceptional value for money with outstanding features. This makes it a preferred choice across various environments. The C2-Pro RC caters to users with heights ranging from 145cm to 193cm (4'10" to 6'4"), with a maximum user weight of 150kg.

  • Most cost-effective commercial Reformer
  • 4 self-lubricating wheels for a smooth ride
  • T Bar, dual rope adjust system
  • Compact and lightweight; can free stand/stack with optional Leg Extensions
  • Adaptability: adapt with a half or full Cadillac
  • For the Home or Studio




  • Dimensions/Weight: 245x67cm/58kg
  • Leg & Height Options: 2 leg options (24, 42cm high)
  • Carriage Size: 58x91.5cm
  • Travel Length: 106.5cm
  • Rope Adjustment System: T bar system, both ropes adjust together
  • Footbar: 4 lockable positions, standard size
  • Spring Bar & Spring Bar Adjustment: Rapid change spring bar
  • Springs: 5 springs (1x Strong, 2x Medium, 2x Light)
  • Off-Centered Shoulder Rests: Yes
  • Adjustable Feet: Yes
  • Runners/Wheels: Precision aluminum/4 PU wheels
  • Maximum User Weight: 150kg
  • Rope Risers: Painted, outside frame. 7 heights (with Legs)
  • Folding/Standing/Stacking: No/Yes/Yes
  • Assembly Instructions & User Manual


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