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VBX Massage Gun

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VBX Massage Gun

The VBX Wellness Handheld Massager is a sleek and versatile device designed to provide a wide range of massages. This handheld massager features six interchangeable massage heads, each uniquely designed to target specific muscle groups for optimal effectiveness. Let's explore the benefits of each massage head:

  • Round Head: Perfect for massaging the hamstrings, glutes, quads, and chest muscles.
  • U-shape Head: Specifically designed to target the neck, spine, feet, and Achilles tendons.
  • Mushroom Head: Ideal for massaging tendons and soft tissues.
  • Fist Head: Great for targeting the IT band, back, neck, and waist muscles.
  • Conical Head: Designed to reach deep tissue trigger points for effective relief.
  • Umbrella Head: Gentle and suitable for sensitive tissues and joints.

To cater to your unique massage preferences, the VBX Wellness Handheld Massager offers a 20-speed shifting design. With the ability to reach up to 3,300 percussions per minute, this massager stands as one of the most powerful options available. Its LCD touch display control allows for easy and intuitive operation.

Furthermore, the VBX Wellness Handheld Massager boasts a long-lasting battery that provides up to four hours of continuous massage. This ensures that you can enjoy extended sessions without interruptions.

Experience the power and versatility of the VBX Wellness Handheld Massager, and discover the ultimate massage solution for your needs.




Specification Description
Power Consumption 20W
Speed Levels 20 Speed Levels
Percussions 1200 to 3300 Percussions per minute
Battery Capacity 26 mAh, 2-6 hours depending on speed level used
Interchangeable Massage Heads 8
LCD Touch Display Control Yes
Massage Modes Scraping, EMS, Tapping, Acupuncture, Combination of all 4 modes
EMS Technology Yes (Electrical Muscle Stimulation)
Muscle Relief Effective relief of muscle soreness and stiffness
Muscle Strength Regular use can help achieve tighter and stronger muscles
Battery Life Up to 5 hours (based on intensity level)
Muscle Movement Promotes muscle movement and flexibility



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