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Auroom Natura 3-5 Person Essential Outdoor Sauna

by Auroom
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Auroom Natura 3-5 Person Essential Outdoor Sauna

"Naturally Reinvigorating"

The Auroom Natura Outdoor Sauna is an oasis of calm in an untamed environment. Impeccable design and remedial properties chime with the beauty of nature.  Natura softly embraces and cherishes its visitors. A perfect place to wholeheartedly enjoy the healing sauna, surrounded by a luxurious ambience.

The exquisite deep brown of the terrace charms with its refined elegance outside while the warm color of the heat- treated aspen coddles you inside. The large front window opens to an enjoyable view of the outdoors. Moreover, on the terrace, you can experience the surrounding nature without a filter.

Natura is created in cooperation with the talented Italian architect Luca Donazzolo.


One of the best features of Natura is the modularity. In addition to the sauna cabin, there is a cabin lounge module designed with the same size and look. (Sold separately).  One could install two saunas next to each other with a shared terrace or build various units from the sauna and the lounge. There are many combinations to create a cosy outdoor space, limited only by imagination.

The Natura Sauna & Lounge combination featured below:



Warm and Elegant Design
Left or Right hinge door option
Modularity options for extended luxury layout possibilities

Exterior: The exterior cladding is designed to withstand severe climate conditions: the Nordic spruce wood is thermo- treated, brushed and painted. The walls, floor and roof are efficiently insulated, and the solid roof construction can bear heavy loads of snow.

Terrace and Dressing Room: These have spot LED lights. Inside we have warm white LED strips behind the backrests. Lights are dimmable using the remote control unit.
Interior: All interior details are made from high-quality thermo-aspen.
Floor: The floor grids come with rubber strips, which prevent the floor from being slippery and the wood from being in direct contact with humidity.
Suitable Equipment: Electric heater Auroom Alta 12 kW with control panel; Auroom Impera Wood-burning heater; Auroom Fora Sound: speakers, Bluetooth player.





The Nordic spruce wood is thermo-treated, brushed and painted.
- The walls, floor and roof are efficiently insulated and the solid roof construction can bear heavy loads of snow.
With high thermal insulation properties and excellent durability.
- Outside cladding featuring thermally modified and brushed Nordic spruce (C26 profile 19x141 mm), designed to withstand severe climate conditions
The Nordic spruce wood is thermo-treated, brushed and painted.
- Black exterior finishing with UV protection
- Outside wooden door featuring brown finishing with UV protection and lock
- Inside glass door featuring 8mm tempered glass, stainless steel hinges and wood-metal handle
- High thermal insulation properties and excellent durability
- Waterproof roofing material suitable for the outdoors
- Sleek black rain gutter
- Transitional terrace with a triple-glazed tempered selective glass window
- Terrace finishing and materials thermally modified brown wood with UV protection
- Horizontal Thermo-Aspen interior and ceiling panels in Rombto profile 27x90mm 
- Drainage system for sauna floor
- Upper bench
- Lower bench
- Bench skirt
- Backrest
- Inside the sauna LED strip lighting behind the backrest


Dimensions:  138” (350cm) W x 138” D x 111” (283cm) H

Natura Model
Available Interior Material Thermo-Aspen
Exterior Color Natural Wood
Floor Type Duckboard
Lighting Type LED Strip
Exterior Length 138" (350cm)
Exterior Width 138" (350cm)
Exterior Height 111" (283cm)

    Glass Door
    Available Finish Natural Wood
    Style Double Glazed Tempered
    Width 24.2" (61.5cm)
    Height 72.9" (185.2cm)



    Natural Thermo-Aspen Wood
    - Light Weight
    - Durable
    - Resists Warping
    - Non-Toxic
    - Eco-Friendly
    - Thermo-Process removes moisture from the wood



    Backrest supports
    Upper bench grid
    Upper bench frame
    Bench assistance frame
    Lower bench grid
    Lower bench frame
    Standard base frame
    Ceiling elements
    Floor grids
    Vertical moldings
    Horizontal moldings
    Fastening screws
    Molding nails
    LED strip
    Installation Manual



    Decades of Experience
    Auroom has been making saunas for more than 20 years. That experience is based on the skills and knowledge of their master craftsmen and draws inspiration from centuries of sauna traditions in Northern Europe. Their professional team is made up of leading specialists in every field, from design to manufacturing. Their development team are dedicated to searching out innovative ideas and solutions so they can offer the very best sauna experience available today.


    Masterfully Hand Crafted
    Auroom’s craftsmen know their materials like the back of their hands and use the latest technology and techniques in their work. That is why they are able to offer wellness solutions for even the most demanding requirements, be they special home sauna projects for private clients or entire sauna complexes for public use in spa hotels.

    All of their saunas are hand crafted, integrating years of experience and cutting-edge technology. Their craftsmen take a systematic approach to their work, which is refined right down to the tiniest details – and they tackle every sauna project individually in order to provide the best possible quality.  




    Bathers have enjoyed the myriad of health benefits saunas have provided for thousands of years. Create your own wellness sanctuary and experience the sauna’s ability to:

    1. Alleviate stress
    2. Detoxify
    3. Improve circulation
    4. Alleviate pain and muscle aches
    5. Improve cognitive function
    6. Reduce inflammation

    It's a worthy investment to make sauna bathing a part of your wellness ritual!



    The Auroom Natura Sauna comes with a 2 Year Warranty as outline below:

    View Full Auroom Warranty Terms Here

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